Monday, October 29, 2012

Chapter 4. (Akevah)

I scowled at the laptop screen, Teygan sat next to me shaking her head. "Yuck. I cant believe I gave him a chance..." I said. "I can't believe he's related to my Carlos." Teygan said putting down her mug of hot chocolate. We were reading a "special" comment via our good friend Joaquin. "Joaquin: I don't want to be tied down... I like being who I am. I'm handsome, young and single!" It read. "What a tool..." Lukah my adoptive brother said. Out of no where a book came flying out of no where and knocked Lukah upside the head. "Be grateful theirs someone else in the world whose a bigger tool than you!!" Another girl here named Minnie shouted from across the room. Lukah laughed it off. Minnie and Lukah confuse me...they seem like they hate each other but they're actually super close. I don't get it. The laptop's signature "Blip!" turned my attention towards it and to see my new boyfriend Ron spreading sweet loving words all over Roxie's page. I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder, I looked up to see Kailey my newest friend smiling down at me. "You made the right choice Keyvee.." She said with an almost apologetic look. The laptop blipped again and I heard Teygan groan. I turned to Teygan and rolled my eyes "Joaquin again?" I asked with a tint of laughter in my voice.The laughter was gone when I saw a message from Mia Goode, she was asking about me. This is how the message looked.

Mia2204:Teyaaa!!!! where r u? Leahz prty strted lyke 2 hrs ago!! BTW wut iz ur new sster's lst nme?
Teygan44:I told you Mia, I'm not going. Leah smells like deli-meat.....anyway, why do you even care?

Mia2204:Lawl jw! BTW u nd that Carlos kid still 2gether?
Teygan44:Yeah we're together still? Why?
Mia2204:EEEWWW! Teyaa! He's too farr!!! U shouldve picked Lukah he is like ...oh em gee 2die4!!!!!
Teygan44:Mia, He's like my brother thats gross,besides he has a girlfriend....IN NEW YORK TOO!
Mia2204:pfft whateves Teya, you need someone here. I'll ttyl gurl whenever you decide 2 get sum1 here.

Teygan exed out of the tab and walked away furious. Left awestruck I went to talk to Kailey, she is often giving me good advice. I approached her "Kale...Mia Goode is trying to get Teygan to date someone here instead of the crew in new york...what is her problem?" I asked. Kailey didn't even blink an eye "Mia has always been well....number one..." Kailey said turning a page in a magazine. "Number one? How?" I asked.
"She was the first one in first grade with purple nails and real earrings to match. She was first in 5th grade to wear pink converse. But her endless streak of number one was brought to a tragic stop when two different people." Kailey said with a triumphant smile. "Who? How?" I asked feeling a little owlish. "Teygan was the first in our grade to get a boyfriend, Mia wanted that title but no one wanted to be Mia's 'number one'. And I was the first person to punch Mia in her jaw. And that's how I got into the alternative school I'm in now!" Kailey laughed. I nodded and walked away my head was swirling with basically nothingness besides the fact that Mia was overly jealous! This...I need to tell Matilda and Jillian. (carly:Vickii your turnn!)