Friday, February 8, 2013

Chapter 9 (Jillian)

Chapter 9

I slammed my hand down on the nurses check in. "I DEMAND TO SEE MY DAMN SISTER RIGHT NOW!" I shouted in her face. "I uhm...I'm sorry! Are you family?" She asked nervously. "Am...AM.. AM I FAMILY?! WOMAN. HAVE YOU SEEN THIS GIRL?! I'M SURPRISED YOU AREN'T ASKING ME WHY I'M OUT OF THE BED!!!" I screamed. The poor nurse fumbled with papers..."Ok ok....Uhm.....Matilda Hannah Fier...Shes in room 204." The nurse stuttered. Just as I was about to go to the room, I heard familiar foot steps. I turned around. Akevah was running towards me. I looked at her then at the nurse. "She's with me." I told her. "Oh god...there's three of them...."The nurse said touching her burning red cheek. I grabbed Keyvee's hand and lead her to the elevator. "What did you do to that nurse?" Keyvee asked me while going up. My face burned. "I was considering using the pendent." I said touching the warm disk around my neck. "Almost a smart move Eldest sister.."Keyvee said with a hmpth. "yes, because the over worked nurse didn't tell us fast enough where our sister is,WE MIGHT AS WELL MELT HER FACE OFF!" Her arms making wild gestures. I giggled at my younger sister. I slipped an arm around her neck. Even when our sister is sitting in a hospital, we keep our cool. Keyvee's arm slipped around my neck. "Matilda will be fine... Shes always been a fighter." The elevator dinged and we exited to her room. As we approached room 204, we heard yelling.. We ran in to see Matilda sitting up straight in bed with a banadge over her chest. "I ONLY EAT BLUE JELLO!!!" She yelled throwing her red Jello at the poor doctor. Keyvee and I walked in. "You ok Tilda?" I asked. "This butthole wants me to eat cherry Jello. CHERRY." Tilda said folding her arms. I shook my head and laid my head on her legs. "I'm glad you're better." I said. Keyvee ran to the window. "Uh oh! Guys we have a problem." I ran to the window to see Mia getting out of a car. Loading a gun. I turned to Keyvee. Keyvee turned to me. Then at the same time, we turned to our hospital bound sister. At the same time we all said "Jail-break."