Sunday, December 30, 2012

Chapter 6 (Keyvee)

Chapter 6 (Keyvee)

I zipped up my favorite black boots with a sigh. I looked at my calender, circled in red was "SLEEP OVER WITH SISTERS!" I should be excited but...tonight we were making the plans to kill someone, three people to be precise..Meatloaf's cold nose pressed against my knee and he let out a low cry. "I don't wanna do it ether...But we everyone for themselves." I said stoking his soft ear. With that Meatloaf sneezed and laid down with a heavy "Thump". " you too buddy." I said dryly. Suddenly the doorbell rang and I heard alot of barking. Meatloaf flipped to his back and gave me a look that read "You gonna get that?" I stood up and flew down the stairs and flung the door open. There stood Matilda looking cheerful but her eyes read sadness. We hugged and I could feel myself  relaxing.Matilda looked at me. "Anyone else here?" She asked. "Just us and the animals.."I said trying to be sympathetic. Suddenly Jillian walked in. She stared at the two of us. "I..I know...we have to plan this...but....lets do it...another time...I just wanna celebrate that we can be together even if its after Christmas." Jillian smiled. I smiled and started to laugh. Gradualy Matilda and Jillian joined in my laughter. We then sat down and began to hand out presents. Little did we know a certain red head was watching us.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Chapter 5. (Jillian)

Chapter 5. (Jillian)

Matilda was wide eyed. "Why??" She asked. Keyvee unmuted her computer. "What's going on now?" She asked slipping a pair of panties that had a "K" off her head. I stared oddly at her. "Keyvee...?" I asked. "WE PLAYED STRIP POKER I WON 40 BUCKS AND LUKAH OWES ME 600 NOW WHAT IS GOING ON?" Keyvee shouted cutting me off. "Ok....Well....Matilda put on the the three clawed pendent thats been in the family for generations and she saw the curse every relative and how they met there untimely demise.....I told her what we have to do." I said calmly. "Which is...?" Akevah asked. "We need to kill Mia Goode!!" Matilda yelled, tears streaming down her face. Keyvee stared at me. "Kill...Mia...?" Keyvee said. "Its ether we kill her and her parents or they kill us Aunt Cho, Yuki, and baby Kenji." I said angrly. "We have no choice...we could make a truce.." Tilda said, quietly. "NO. We've tried! Jeremy Goode tried with Elizabeth  Fier! Jeremy ended up with an exploded brain. Nora Goode tried Daniel Fear tried! The Fier mansion went up in flames killing Simon,Angelica and Daniel Fear. TRUCES DOWN WORK!!!"I yelled. Keyvee was taken back. Matilda was quietly sobbing. I sighed...I hate being so cross towards my sisters. "Look Tilly, I didn't mean to yell...I'm just stressed...To think killing three people..." I sighed. "And whose to say Ralph and Gina didnt push our parents off the balcony seems fishy to me!" Akevah said. I smiled at her. Matildas tears dried up, "You're both right....But we need to stop this once and for all." "Mia did take an interest of my last name even though we dot go to the same that's suspicious." Keyvee said. "Very...well...our next get together at Keyvee's we'll figure it out. Matilda bring the pendent. And dont get any ideas." I added with a wink. Matilda giggled. With that we snapped off skype. I laid back, my head spinning. Until next time..Keyvee...until next time.....

Monday, November 19, 2012

Chapter 4 (Matilda)

Chapter 4

Akevah was scowling at the webcam when Jillian her and I had our nightly skype session. "Mia seems..interesting..." Jillian sighed pushing up her glasses. "And everyone here is WEIRD!" Keyvee said. "Did you know that pretty blonde girl,Kailey, I've been hanging out with has a twin named Emma? I didnt!!!" She crossed her arms. "Well....Teygan was a threat anywhere. How is she and Mia last I heard on her blog they weren't well." Jillian said cleaning her glasses. "They are no more. Apparently Mia was too much for our poor Teygan." Keyvee said with a smile. "Good." Jillian and I said together. "I must put this call on hold until later on dear sisters I must practice my flute." Jillian said. Keyvee nodded, "I must go and speak with Roxie and my mother about this new girl coming on the 1st." Keyvee said. "Ok skype to be continued later!" I said. We all muted the computers went our ways. I hugged the family bible to my chest. And I stared at the round disk pendent. The words "Dominus per malum" shined in the light. I looked around and realized for the first time since Ive come to stay here, I was alone. Every one all 15 were gone. Without thinking I slipped the pendent over my head and suddenly the whole house burst into flames! I squinted threw the flames to see a woman and a young girl in old fashion dresses together twisting in agony. Both tied to a stake. Susannah Goode and her mother Martha burning at the stake. I couldnt turn away Susannah's dress billowed under the fire then her hair then her cap suddenly they dissapeared and another haunting image floated into view from the flames. Rebecca Fier hung from an old heavy rope. Then suddenly Old Benjamin Fier  impaled on a scarecrow. When he floated away Jeremy Goode head expolded to reveal rotted flesh shone. I tried to turn now but the screams haunted to me to look. Next was so small Abigail Fier falling into thin air. I covered my eye crying with them, when I see Jane Fier bloated drowned in a well.Next was Ezra Fier trampled by hooves. Kate Fier followed suit, knitting needle through her poor heart. Next was Frank Goode crumpled in a pile.Next was poor Juila Fear scratching at the air, her nails bent back and bleeding. Then poor Hannah Fear with a sword through the chest. After her was poor Simon, Angelica and Daniel Fear twisting and burning in there own fire. Following them was poor Threasea Fear and her husband James Fear caught in a paddle boat every dead relative passed me by in there own death until our poor Mother and Father both skulls crushed in. I laid back as the fire went away. The pendent was warm against my chest. "It isnt seeing everyone hurt does it Tilda?" Jillians voice echoed through the empy house. I must have hit the unmute button. " hurt.." I said hugging my knees to me. "Take off that necklace please. It has great evil...a great evil we need to kill Mia Goode and her family." Jillian said. I gasped.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Chapter 4. (Akevah)

I scowled at the laptop screen, Teygan sat next to me shaking her head. "Yuck. I cant believe I gave him a chance..." I said. "I can't believe he's related to my Carlos." Teygan said putting down her mug of hot chocolate. We were reading a "special" comment via our good friend Joaquin. "Joaquin: I don't want to be tied down... I like being who I am. I'm handsome, young and single!" It read. "What a tool..." Lukah my adoptive brother said. Out of no where a book came flying out of no where and knocked Lukah upside the head. "Be grateful theirs someone else in the world whose a bigger tool than you!!" Another girl here named Minnie shouted from across the room. Lukah laughed it off. Minnie and Lukah confuse me...they seem like they hate each other but they're actually super close. I don't get it. The laptop's signature "Blip!" turned my attention towards it and to see my new boyfriend Ron spreading sweet loving words all over Roxie's page. I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder, I looked up to see Kailey my newest friend smiling down at me. "You made the right choice Keyvee.." She said with an almost apologetic look. The laptop blipped again and I heard Teygan groan. I turned to Teygan and rolled my eyes "Joaquin again?" I asked with a tint of laughter in my voice.The laughter was gone when I saw a message from Mia Goode, she was asking about me. This is how the message looked.

Mia2204:Teyaaa!!!! where r u? Leahz prty strted lyke 2 hrs ago!! BTW wut iz ur new sster's lst nme?
Teygan44:I told you Mia, I'm not going. Leah smells like deli-meat.....anyway, why do you even care?

Mia2204:Lawl jw! BTW u nd that Carlos kid still 2gether?
Teygan44:Yeah we're together still? Why?
Mia2204:EEEWWW! Teyaa! He's too farr!!! U shouldve picked Lukah he is like ...oh em gee 2die4!!!!!
Teygan44:Mia, He's like my brother thats gross,besides he has a girlfriend....IN NEW YORK TOO!
Mia2204:pfft whateves Teya, you need someone here. I'll ttyl gurl whenever you decide 2 get sum1 here.

Teygan exed out of the tab and walked away furious. Left awestruck I went to talk to Kailey, she is often giving me good advice. I approached her "Kale...Mia Goode is trying to get Teygan to date someone here instead of the crew in new york...what is her problem?" I asked. Kailey didn't even blink an eye "Mia has always been well....number one..." Kailey said turning a page in a magazine. "Number one? How?" I asked.
"She was the first one in first grade with purple nails and real earrings to match. She was first in 5th grade to wear pink converse. But her endless streak of number one was brought to a tragic stop when two different people." Kailey said with a triumphant smile. "Who? How?" I asked feeling a little owlish. "Teygan was the first in our grade to get a boyfriend, Mia wanted that title but no one wanted to be Mia's 'number one'. And I was the first person to punch Mia in her jaw. And that's how I got into the alternative school I'm in now!" Kailey laughed. I nodded and walked away my head was swirling with basically nothingness besides the fact that Mia was overly jealous! This...I need to tell Matilda and Jillian. (carly:Vickii your turnn!)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Chapter three

Chapter 3

"No." Thats all I said to keyvee. Matilda looked at me like I just grew another head. Keyvee's face darkened. "What do you mean "no"? Keyvee whispered tears pooling in her eyes. I stood up and crossed my arms. "Akevah, There is a Goode about, and you're gonna make yourself that out there?"I said shaking my head. "What did I tell you? You must stay hidden!" I stared her right in the face.  Keyvee sunk down. "Wait, we don't even the where this boy is!"Matilda said. I thought about this, Matilda was right. "Alright Akevah, Where is this boy?" I asked sighing. Keyvee looked up with a smile and said "In New York." she smiled. I nodded, "Far enough away to stay out of trouble.. I approve." I said. "Girls! Lights out!"Carly, Keyvee's new mom called. I laid down on my sleeping bag, and thought. I could already hear Keyvee's and Matilda's snores. I could feel myself turning green with envy. Why should Keyvee get a boyfriend and I dont? Even if he is far, it's not fair, aren't I as pretty as Keyvee? I scowled at my thoughts. Yes I am as pretty as Keyvee, we are triplets after all. I sighed. Jillian stop loosing your senses.
(vinni:TAG! carly you're it.)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Chapter two

Chapter 2

I snapped off of skype with Jill and Keyvee. I sat back to think. Just as I began to think a loud boom echoed threw the house and a loud "OOPS." I sighed. Victor and Andrew two boys I now live with were doing there science experiments again...Where I am is completely mental! Three girls were playing instruments, the boys were yelling or just being loud and the rest of the girls were out causing mischief. I was already missing Keyvee and Jilly til the point of fever. I laid in bed and tried to relax but it was so noisy. When Vicki er my new Mom walked in and checked my head, she murmured for me to shut my ears and that she'll be back. Even threw my shut ears I still heard Vicki yelling at everyone to keep it down or clean or start some form of soup. When it sounded quiet I let my ears go.  Two minutes later Mom comes back with an ice pack and lays it on my forehead. I felt a wash of relief run threw my body.  Mom sat with me for a moment stroking my hair. "You miss Keyvee and Jilly dont you Tilda?" She said softly.  I nodded and choked back tears, they were all I got, besides ya now new mom and the 15 others here. "Well, this weekend.."Mom said a gleam in her eye. "You will be having a sleep over with Jill and Keyvee at Keyvee's new place." I almost jumped out of bed! "I'm gonna get to see Jillian and Akevah!! It sounded like the better than my birthday and Christmas rolled into one! I waited for the weekend, and I couldn't stop moving I was so excited. I was the first to arrive, and boy was Keyvee's new house BIG! I was looking around the new foyer when I was suddenly tackled to the floor! "MATILDA!!!TILDA!! TILLY!!!"A familiar voice yelled. It took me a moment to realize, It was Keyvee! "Oh goodness,Akevah Julia!"I said laughing and calling her by both her first and middle name. "You scared the life out of me!" I laughed. Keyvee smiled broadly at me. "You girls can honestly be unruly." Another Familiar voice said behind us.  Keyvee and I both turned to see Jill standing there her same usual smart self but she has a grin painted on her face. Jillian pushed up her glasses and helped us both up into a massive hug. "Its been HELL without you two to boss around!" Jill said smiling. We ordered pizza. Afterwards we were just sitting around talking when keyvee stood up. "Guys...I have an announcement! I might get a boyfriend!" She smiled broadly. I clapped i was happy but Jill's face twisted into a frown. "No." (vicki:You're turn Vinni)

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chapter one.

Fear street:
The search.

Chapter one.{Akevah}
The feud between the family Goode and the family Fier (or Fear) has gone on for many centuries. My father Johnathon Fier was never pleased with my mother. He has and will will blame her for never giving him a son. Only us three girls. The Fier triplets. My sisters Jillian and Matilda and I highly resemble out very great grandmother Angelica Fear, Jillian most of all! See, even though we are all triplets the only thing that truly makes us look alike is our black hair. Jillian has forest greens eyes, Matilda my poor sister has heterclormia. One eye is naturally dark blue one is naturally dark green. As for my my dark blue eyes are just right. Father says the family is cursed. Er, It was cursed until a few years ago Father changed our last name from "Fear" to "Fier". "Thats how it was back in the days of Benjamin and Matthew Fier, Daughter." Thats what father used to tell us, he used to say no matter what, since when Susannah Goode and her mother were burned at the stake by the Fiers back in the 1700's, we've been cursed..and were destined to gruesome deaths. We soon discovered this wasnt any tall tales when the police came and said they found both our mother and father had fallen to their deaths at the opera. "Matilda...Akevah...what are we to do?" Jillian asked us. All Matilda and I could do was shake our heads. For a few weeks we still had the maids with us  to prepare our meals and we sadly still took on our homeschooling. Til one day a woman came and took us away and separated us! Jillian gave me a necklace. The one with our family crest,  family crests were given to those who were 13 years of age...we were only 11. "Keep this necklace close, Keyvee." Jill said in her no nonsense voice. "Its very important." Seeing Jill push her glasses up her nose and tie on her own necklace and making Matilda do the same made tear prick my eyes. I looked around our luxurious bedroom.  Jill took the family bible left with the pendent from great great great GREAT Aunt Nora.  They read off where we were going Jillian was getting off first. While driving to our new homes I asked Jill to tell us the story about Aunt Nora and Uncle Daniel. She sighed and before she began I cuddled with my doll , Remy and my cat and dog Inkpot and Meatloaf. "Back in 1900, Daniel Fear, grandson of Simon Fear married Nora Goode, they believed they ended the curse but in made it worse...the pendent in the bible has engraved on it "Dominus per malum" Power threw matter what happened the Fiers and Goodes contined hating eachother killing off everyone one by one.. The Goodes plan is to kill off the last male Fier so far Father was the last one." Jillian finished with a sigh. "What about Aunt Cho? Shes gonna have a baby soon.."Matilda pointed out. Jillian shook her head doubtfuly. "The first baby Aunt Cho had was Cousin Yuki. This might be another girl..." Jillian said hugging us as she left. 29 girls and boys littered the houses front yard. A man stepped forward with Long black and green hair his ice blue eye shined with laughter. "Hello Jillian is it? My name is Vinni, but if you would like to call me Dad." He smiled wide. "Jillian Angelica Fier, Dad." Jillian smiled. Vinni looked at the rest of us. "Matilda." He said looking at Tily. "You,My dear are headed to one of my bestest friends Victoria. She lives a few blocks over, you will have 15 other friends there. Ill take care of Jill." Vinni said leading Jillian away.  Vinni was right. A few blocks away we pulled up to a big house. A younger girl was standing out front. Her short cut hair was died a shocking shade of purple and sunglasses were dark even though it was a bring shining day!  She bounced up to the car with a bunch of enthusiasm. Tily got out of the car nervously. Victoria gasped. "Your eyes!!!" Matilda shrank down "they're naturally like that.."Tily said as if she was about to cry. Victoria pulled off her sunglasses, Her eyes were exactly like Matilda's! "You're safe here, Matilda." Victoria turned to me."You dearest Ahkevah, are on your way to another town a few miles away, You will meet Mine and Vinni's bestest friend Carly. You will be welcomed into the Green Valley Gang. And have tons of adventures. " Victoria said leadin Matilda inside. Carly huh? I'm game. After an hour we pulled in front of a big house. And a girl with Fire red hair and a and another girl my age with blonde hair with a pink streak was waiting. I got out of the car and looked up at the girl and the girl my age. The red-head girl smiled warmly. "My name is Carly. This is one of your sister's Kailey, Welcome to Green Valley. Were the Green Valley Gang." Kailey smiled at me. "I'll introduce you to our other siblings!" I met everyone from Nellie to Lukah. That night i was skype with Jilly and tily "Keyvee, I'm very pleased to hear you are having fun at your new home, but I received word from Yuki, Aunt Cho is having  a boy very soon." Jill reported smiling. "Thats terrible news!" I exclaimed after Matilda let out a squeal. "Why is that?" Matilda asked me. "A few houses away a GOODE lives." I said. "Akevah, are you sure?" Jill asked rationally. "Yes I saw her earlier before I got on skype. She has the red hair the hazel eyes and the freckles, her name is Mia." I said. Jill rubbed her head. "Mia Goode. Daughter to Gina and Ralph Goode. Keyvee its very important we find Yuki and her brother when he is born and keep him away from the Goodes. Understand?" Jillian said calmly."Loud and clean Jilly-bean!" I smiled. Maybe just maybe here on Green Valley I will have some adventures...