Monday, March 23, 2015

Chapter 11 (Jillian)

Chapter 11.

The next few days living in the woods were a blur. Thanks to Akevah knowing about this place, we have river water. And in the river, we have fish. At night we sit by the fire, and we discuss our next move.
As I was out exploring around. Last night's conversation flashed in my head. We were talking about our friends we missed back at our homes. I missed Beth and Armand, my two best friends back home. Matilda told us of Molly and Cameron. Keyvee told us of Teygan, Cameron's sister, and Kailey. But she then told us about how she missed Ron dearly, and how she couldn't wait to go home to tell him she's ok. Matilda asked for more details and I had to leave. I couldn't bear to have my sisters see me so envious that my sister has love.
Even now, I feel my face turn hot and the envy grows.
I sat down on a fallen branch to regroup my thoughts. Something shiny caught my eye. I moved leaves over and found a knife. I flipped out the blade and touched it. Almost instantly my hand began to bleed.
"Jill??!" Matilda's call broke into my thoughts. As quick as I could I flipped the blade away and pocketed the knife.
Matilda walked forward, smiling. I returned her smile. "Keyvee is catching fish like crazy, so we dont have to worry tonight. We're gonna start hatching a plan soon so get a move on."
I followed her back to the site. Akevah grinned when we walked up. Her eyes trailed to my hand.
"Jill, you're bleeding..." She muttered.
"Its just a scrape, I'm fine." I smiled.
"Keyvee, how did you know about this place?" Matilda asked redressing her shoulder.
"Simple, back at the Green Valley Gang, we got this girl named Lily. Huge nature freak! She made so many tree forts she couldn't keep track of them. She wanted to make shelters for animals so they stayed out of the rain. In these woods..they gotta be...maybe 5 or 6 more forts." Akevah said.
I nodded. "Well thank goodness for her...what are we going to do about the Goodes?"
Matilda rubbed her shoulder. "Something soon I hope, im aching really bad..." She murmured.
"Well...we arent far from the Green Valley house..."Keyvee said. "Meaning we arent too far from Mia..."
My head shot up.
"WHAT!??" I stood.
Keyvee flinched.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Chapter 10 (Keyvee)

Chapter 10

A wide evil grin spread across Matilda's face. She practilly jumped out of  bed. "Keyvee grab the IV and load every bandage and pain-pill into the bag. This is gonna be the best!!" I stared at my enthused sister.I followed instructions and I grabbed the pole holding the IV. "T-this is ridiculous..."Jillian stammered. I looked at her. "Look, we can complain all we want when we're safe!" I yelled. "But...Where is safe?" Jillian asked me her, eyes swimming with concern. "Anywhere but here, C'mon you losers lets go! I just got shot and I'm faster than you!" Matilda yelled already out of the room. We followed her closely behind. "MISS FIER GET BACK INTO YOUR BED!" A doctor yelled. "Piss on you!" Matilda yelled. "HEY STOP!" another doctor yelled. We couldn't. We're too close to freedom! We reached the elevator and pressed the lobby button. "Now where do we go from here?" Jillian asked. Matilda shook her head. "I have no clue." I told her.
The doors opened. There was no sign of Mia. we ran out ignoring the protests of the doctors. "We gotta get out of here..." Jillian said.
"Follow me!" I yelled.
The Fier triplets ran. I stopped to breathe and caught a wonderful sight. The woods. The woods where a friend showed her. "The woods." I breathed.
The girls ran into the woods. I looked around, keeping my eyes up looking into the trees, until finally..I see it. The wood fortress. "Up there!" I yelled. we found the lone rope and went up.
Matilda held her shoulder as she crawled up. Once we were in we sat back and looked at eachother. Jill stood up and broke the silence.
"We can't go back." Jill said.
Jill is right...We can't go back...Goodbye Green Valley Gang....
End of Chapter 10.

(After 2 LONG years of gettin' our heads together we're proud to have this blog back and continue this story! Stay tuned for chapter 11. Written by Vinni ♥)

Friday, February 8, 2013

Chapter 9 (Jillian)

Chapter 9

I slammed my hand down on the nurses check in. "I DEMAND TO SEE MY DAMN SISTER RIGHT NOW!" I shouted in her face. "I uhm...I'm sorry! Are you family?" She asked nervously. "Am...AM.. AM I FAMILY?! WOMAN. HAVE YOU SEEN THIS GIRL?! I'M SURPRISED YOU AREN'T ASKING ME WHY I'M OUT OF THE BED!!!" I screamed. The poor nurse fumbled with papers..."Ok ok....Uhm.....Matilda Hannah Fier...Shes in room 204." The nurse stuttered. Just as I was about to go to the room, I heard familiar foot steps. I turned around. Akevah was running towards me. I looked at her then at the nurse. "She's with me." I told her. "Oh god...there's three of them...."The nurse said touching her burning red cheek. I grabbed Keyvee's hand and lead her to the elevator. "What did you do to that nurse?" Keyvee asked me while going up. My face burned. "I was considering using the pendent." I said touching the warm disk around my neck. "Almost a smart move Eldest sister.."Keyvee said with a hmpth. "yes, because the over worked nurse didn't tell us fast enough where our sister is,WE MIGHT AS WELL MELT HER FACE OFF!" Her arms making wild gestures. I giggled at my younger sister. I slipped an arm around her neck. Even when our sister is sitting in a hospital, we keep our cool. Keyvee's arm slipped around my neck. "Matilda will be fine... Shes always been a fighter." The elevator dinged and we exited to her room. As we approached room 204, we heard yelling.. We ran in to see Matilda sitting up straight in bed with a banadge over her chest. "I ONLY EAT BLUE JELLO!!!" She yelled throwing her red Jello at the poor doctor. Keyvee and I walked in. "You ok Tilda?" I asked. "This butthole wants me to eat cherry Jello. CHERRY." Tilda said folding her arms. I shook my head and laid my head on her legs. "I'm glad you're better." I said. Keyvee ran to the window. "Uh oh! Guys we have a problem." I ran to the window to see Mia getting out of a car. Loading a gun. I turned to Keyvee. Keyvee turned to me. Then at the same time, we turned to our hospital bound sister. At the same time we all said "Jail-break."

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Chapter 8 (Matilda)

Chapter 8 (Matilda)

After the amazing weekend with my sisters, it was of course time to return to reality. I sighed when I looked at the clock that sat my bed side. The red glow of 8:30 was menacing. I was really late for school. I flew out the door and began to walk to school. My heavy boots made a loud thump as I ran to school. Jillian always tells me not to run in a skirt, because perverts could see my panties but for today, get ready for a show you old pervs. After a few blocks, I began to walk. I walked into the local mini-mart and of course Raul (pronounce ra-ow) was there smiling away at me. "You are late Miss.Fier. Headmaster Carlson will have your head unless you have a good excuse!" He teased. Raul is a recent high-school drop out. I smiled and laughed while I paid for my soda. "I'll tell her that some drop-out punk held me up while he was trying to get up my skirt while I was getting a drink."  I said reaching over the counter and shoving him a little. Raul held his hands up defensively. "Well get a move on Matilda. Or else you will be held up by some CHARMING drop-out punk" Raul said winking an eye. I smiled shaking my head and I opened up the door. Before I left, I turned to Raul. "You know, you could be cousins with this creep my sister Keyvee was hit on by. Joaquin Rivera. Real player. Someone you'd like." I laughed and I left. A block away from the school, I went to open my vanilla coke. As I was raising the bottle to my mouth, as I could smell the sweet vanilla and feel the bubbles on my lips, a loud BANG. Broke the silence. I buckled forward a bit and dropped my soda. I stared down at my white shirt and a crimson stain grew rapidly. I grabbed my chest and cried out, realizing I was just shot. Suddenly i was hit with a blunt object and was on the ground. I looked up in a daze and squinted to see a shiny black pistol and a blurr of long red-hair. Then. Everything. Went. Black.

(vinni's turn!)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Chapter 7 (Mia Goode)

Chapter 7 (Mia Goode)

I watched the three, talking. Plotting. I sneered at Akevah. How dare she just come into my town. Steal my best friend. How dare she breathe. The night Mother and Father went to go kill them, obviously didnt do a good enough job if those snot nosed brats are still frolicking. Living. I was disgusted at the thought. I stared up at the sky, then shook the snow out of my hair, and headed for home. I walked into my warm house and slipped off my jacket. "Hello Mia dear. How was your walk?" Mother asked. "She lives a few blocks away from here Mother." I said angrily. "Who?" Mother asked. I slammed my fist on the counter. "THAT STUPID AKEVAH FIER. MOTHER, SHE AND HER SISTERS AREN'T STARVING ON THE STREETS."I yelled at my taken back mother. Mother continued to stir the soup on the stove. "Your Father and I tried our bests, Mia. Johnathon and Miranda Fier are dead. We made sure of it." Mother stepped away from the stove and wiped her hands on her apron. "I'll talk to your father about this and him and I will form a plan." "NO! AKEVAH STOLE MY BESTFRIEND I SHOULD BE THE ONE TO MURDER HER AND HER SISTERS!" I yelled once again. With that I ran off to my room to plan the perfect murder. 

(Thank you so much Carly,Vinni, and Vicki for letting me put my chapter in! I swear I wont let Mia out of my sight for this xD)

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Chapter 6 (Keyvee)

Chapter 6 (Keyvee)

I zipped up my favorite black boots with a sigh. I looked at my calender, circled in red was "SLEEP OVER WITH SISTERS!" I should be excited but...tonight we were making the plans to kill someone, three people to be precise..Meatloaf's cold nose pressed against my knee and he let out a low cry. "I don't wanna do it ether...But we everyone for themselves." I said stoking his soft ear. With that Meatloaf sneezed and laid down with a heavy "Thump". " you too buddy." I said dryly. Suddenly the doorbell rang and I heard alot of barking. Meatloaf flipped to his back and gave me a look that read "You gonna get that?" I stood up and flew down the stairs and flung the door open. There stood Matilda looking cheerful but her eyes read sadness. We hugged and I could feel myself  relaxing.Matilda looked at me. "Anyone else here?" She asked. "Just us and the animals.."I said trying to be sympathetic. Suddenly Jillian walked in. She stared at the two of us. "I..I know...we have to plan this...but....lets do it...another time...I just wanna celebrate that we can be together even if its after Christmas." Jillian smiled. I smiled and started to laugh. Gradualy Matilda and Jillian joined in my laughter. We then sat down and began to hand out presents. Little did we know a certain red head was watching us.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Chapter 5. (Jillian)

Chapter 5. (Jillian)

Matilda was wide eyed. "Why??" She asked. Keyvee unmuted her computer. "What's going on now?" She asked slipping a pair of panties that had a "K" off her head. I stared oddly at her. "Keyvee...?" I asked. "WE PLAYED STRIP POKER I WON 40 BUCKS AND LUKAH OWES ME 600 NOW WHAT IS GOING ON?" Keyvee shouted cutting me off. "Ok....Well....Matilda put on the the three clawed pendent thats been in the family for generations and she saw the curse every relative and how they met there untimely demise.....I told her what we have to do." I said calmly. "Which is...?" Akevah asked. "We need to kill Mia Goode!!" Matilda yelled, tears streaming down her face. Keyvee stared at me. "Kill...Mia...?" Keyvee said. "Its ether we kill her and her parents or they kill us Aunt Cho, Yuki, and baby Kenji." I said angrly. "We have no choice...we could make a truce.." Tilda said, quietly. "NO. We've tried! Jeremy Goode tried with Elizabeth  Fier! Jeremy ended up with an exploded brain. Nora Goode tried Daniel Fear tried! The Fier mansion went up in flames killing Simon,Angelica and Daniel Fear. TRUCES DOWN WORK!!!"I yelled. Keyvee was taken back. Matilda was quietly sobbing. I sighed...I hate being so cross towards my sisters. "Look Tilly, I didn't mean to yell...I'm just stressed...To think killing three people..." I sighed. "And whose to say Ralph and Gina didnt push our parents off the balcony seems fishy to me!" Akevah said. I smiled at her. Matildas tears dried up, "You're both right....But we need to stop this once and for all." "Mia did take an interest of my last name even though we dot go to the same that's suspicious." Keyvee said. "Very...well...our next get together at Keyvee's we'll figure it out. Matilda bring the pendent. And dont get any ideas." I added with a wink. Matilda giggled. With that we snapped off skype. I laid back, my head spinning. Until next time..Keyvee...until next time.....