Friday, November 23, 2012

Chapter 5. (Jillian)

Chapter 5. (Jillian)

Matilda was wide eyed. "Why??" She asked. Keyvee unmuted her computer. "What's going on now?" She asked slipping a pair of panties that had a "K" off her head. I stared oddly at her. "Keyvee...?" I asked. "WE PLAYED STRIP POKER I WON 40 BUCKS AND LUKAH OWES ME 600 NOW WHAT IS GOING ON?" Keyvee shouted cutting me off. "Ok....Well....Matilda put on the the three clawed pendent thats been in the family for generations and she saw the curse every relative and how they met there untimely demise.....I told her what we have to do." I said calmly. "Which is...?" Akevah asked. "We need to kill Mia Goode!!" Matilda yelled, tears streaming down her face. Keyvee stared at me. "Kill...Mia...?" Keyvee said. "Its ether we kill her and her parents or they kill us Aunt Cho, Yuki, and baby Kenji." I said angrly. "We have no choice...we could make a truce.." Tilda said, quietly. "NO. We've tried! Jeremy Goode tried with Elizabeth  Fier! Jeremy ended up with an exploded brain. Nora Goode tried Daniel Fear tried! The Fier mansion went up in flames killing Simon,Angelica and Daniel Fear. TRUCES DOWN WORK!!!"I yelled. Keyvee was taken back. Matilda was quietly sobbing. I sighed...I hate being so cross towards my sisters. "Look Tilly, I didn't mean to yell...I'm just stressed...To think killing three people..." I sighed. "And whose to say Ralph and Gina didnt push our parents off the balcony seems fishy to me!" Akevah said. I smiled at her. Matildas tears dried up, "You're both right....But we need to stop this once and for all." "Mia did take an interest of my last name even though we dot go to the same that's suspicious." Keyvee said. "Very...well...our next get together at Keyvee's we'll figure it out. Matilda bring the pendent. And dont get any ideas." I added with a wink. Matilda giggled. With that we snapped off skype. I laid back, my head spinning. Until next time..Keyvee...until next time.....

Monday, November 19, 2012

Chapter 4 (Matilda)

Chapter 4

Akevah was scowling at the webcam when Jillian her and I had our nightly skype session. "Mia seems..interesting..." Jillian sighed pushing up her glasses. "And everyone here is WEIRD!" Keyvee said. "Did you know that pretty blonde girl,Kailey, I've been hanging out with has a twin named Emma? I didnt!!!" She crossed her arms. "Well....Teygan was a threat anywhere. How is she and Mia last I heard on her blog they weren't well." Jillian said cleaning her glasses. "They are no more. Apparently Mia was too much for our poor Teygan." Keyvee said with a smile. "Good." Jillian and I said together. "I must put this call on hold until later on dear sisters I must practice my flute." Jillian said. Keyvee nodded, "I must go and speak with Roxie and my mother about this new girl coming on the 1st." Keyvee said. "Ok skype to be continued later!" I said. We all muted the computers went our ways. I hugged the family bible to my chest. And I stared at the round disk pendent. The words "Dominus per malum" shined in the light. I looked around and realized for the first time since Ive come to stay here, I was alone. Every one all 15 were gone. Without thinking I slipped the pendent over my head and suddenly the whole house burst into flames! I squinted threw the flames to see a woman and a young girl in old fashion dresses together twisting in agony. Both tied to a stake. Susannah Goode and her mother Martha burning at the stake. I couldnt turn away Susannah's dress billowed under the fire then her hair then her cap suddenly they dissapeared and another haunting image floated into view from the flames. Rebecca Fier hung from an old heavy rope. Then suddenly Old Benjamin Fier  impaled on a scarecrow. When he floated away Jeremy Goode head expolded to reveal rotted flesh shone. I tried to turn now but the screams haunted to me to look. Next was so small Abigail Fier falling into thin air. I covered my eye crying with them, when I see Jane Fier bloated drowned in a well.Next was Ezra Fier trampled by hooves. Kate Fier followed suit, knitting needle through her poor heart. Next was Frank Goode crumpled in a pile.Next was poor Juila Fear scratching at the air, her nails bent back and bleeding. Then poor Hannah Fear with a sword through the chest. After her was poor Simon, Angelica and Daniel Fear twisting and burning in there own fire. Following them was poor Threasea Fear and her husband James Fear caught in a paddle boat every dead relative passed me by in there own death until our poor Mother and Father both skulls crushed in. I laid back as the fire went away. The pendent was warm against my chest. "It isnt seeing everyone hurt does it Tilda?" Jillians voice echoed through the empy house. I must have hit the unmute button. " hurt.." I said hugging my knees to me. "Take off that necklace please. It has great evil...a great evil we need to kill Mia Goode and her family." Jillian said. I gasped.