Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Chapter 7 (Mia Goode)

Chapter 7 (Mia Goode)

I watched the three, talking. Plotting. I sneered at Akevah. How dare she just come into my town. Steal my best friend. How dare she breathe. The night Mother and Father went to go kill them, obviously didnt do a good enough job if those snot nosed brats are still frolicking. Living. I was disgusted at the thought. I stared up at the sky, then shook the snow out of my hair, and headed for home. I walked into my warm house and slipped off my jacket. "Hello Mia dear. How was your walk?" Mother asked. "She lives a few blocks away from here Mother." I said angrily. "Who?" Mother asked. I slammed my fist on the counter. "THAT STUPID AKEVAH FIER. MOTHER, SHE AND HER SISTERS AREN'T STARVING ON THE STREETS."I yelled at my taken back mother. Mother continued to stir the soup on the stove. "Your Father and I tried our bests, Mia. Johnathon and Miranda Fier are dead. We made sure of it." Mother stepped away from the stove and wiped her hands on her apron. "I'll talk to your father about this and him and I will form a plan." "NO! AKEVAH STOLE MY BESTFRIEND I SHOULD BE THE ONE TO MURDER HER AND HER SISTERS!" I yelled once again. With that I ran off to my room to plan the perfect murder. 

(Thank you so much Carly,Vinni, and Vicki for letting me put my chapter in! I swear I wont let Mia out of my sight for this xD)

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