Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Chapter 8 (Matilda)

Chapter 8 (Matilda)

After the amazing weekend with my sisters, it was of course time to return to reality. I sighed when I looked at the clock that sat my bed side. The red glow of 8:30 was menacing. I was really late for school. I flew out the door and began to walk to school. My heavy boots made a loud thump as I ran to school. Jillian always tells me not to run in a skirt, because perverts could see my panties but for today, get ready for a show you old pervs. After a few blocks, I began to walk. I walked into the local mini-mart and of course Raul (pronounce ra-ow) was there smiling away at me. "You are late Miss.Fier. Headmaster Carlson will have your head unless you have a good excuse!" He teased. Raul is a recent high-school drop out. I smiled and laughed while I paid for my soda. "I'll tell her that some drop-out punk held me up while he was trying to get up my skirt while I was getting a drink."  I said reaching over the counter and shoving him a little. Raul held his hands up defensively. "Well get a move on Matilda. Or else you will be held up by some CHARMING drop-out punk" Raul said winking an eye. I smiled shaking my head and I opened up the door. Before I left, I turned to Raul. "You know, you could be cousins with this creep my sister Keyvee was hit on by. Joaquin Rivera. Real player. Someone you'd like." I laughed and I left. A block away from the school, I went to open my vanilla coke. As I was raising the bottle to my mouth, as I could smell the sweet vanilla and feel the bubbles on my lips, a loud BANG. Broke the silence. I buckled forward a bit and dropped my soda. I stared down at my white shirt and a crimson stain grew rapidly. I grabbed my chest and cried out, realizing I was just shot. Suddenly i was hit with a blunt object and was on the ground. I looked up in a daze and squinted to see a shiny black pistol and a blurr of long red-hair. Then. Everything. Went. Black.

(vinni's turn!)

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