Monday, March 23, 2015

Chapter 11 (Jillian)

Chapter 11.

The next few days living in the woods were a blur. Thanks to Akevah knowing about this place, we have river water. And in the river, we have fish. At night we sit by the fire, and we discuss our next move.
As I was out exploring around. Last night's conversation flashed in my head. We were talking about our friends we missed back at our homes. I missed Beth and Armand, my two best friends back home. Matilda told us of Molly and Cameron. Keyvee told us of Teygan, Cameron's sister, and Kailey. But she then told us about how she missed Ron dearly, and how she couldn't wait to go home to tell him she's ok. Matilda asked for more details and I had to leave. I couldn't bear to have my sisters see me so envious that my sister has love.
Even now, I feel my face turn hot and the envy grows.
I sat down on a fallen branch to regroup my thoughts. Something shiny caught my eye. I moved leaves over and found a knife. I flipped out the blade and touched it. Almost instantly my hand began to bleed.
"Jill??!" Matilda's call broke into my thoughts. As quick as I could I flipped the blade away and pocketed the knife.
Matilda walked forward, smiling. I returned her smile. "Keyvee is catching fish like crazy, so we dont have to worry tonight. We're gonna start hatching a plan soon so get a move on."
I followed her back to the site. Akevah grinned when we walked up. Her eyes trailed to my hand.
"Jill, you're bleeding..." She muttered.
"Its just a scrape, I'm fine." I smiled.
"Keyvee, how did you know about this place?" Matilda asked redressing her shoulder.
"Simple, back at the Green Valley Gang, we got this girl named Lily. Huge nature freak! She made so many tree forts she couldn't keep track of them. She wanted to make shelters for animals so they stayed out of the rain. In these woods..they gotta be...maybe 5 or 6 more forts." Akevah said.
I nodded. "Well thank goodness for her...what are we going to do about the Goodes?"
Matilda rubbed her shoulder. "Something soon I hope, im aching really bad..." She murmured.
"Well...we arent far from the Green Valley house..."Keyvee said. "Meaning we arent too far from Mia..."
My head shot up.
"WHAT!??" I stood.
Keyvee flinched.

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